Little Wars 2018

Ok haven't posted since January which is abit slack.  Anyway we didn't go with Blood and Plunder this time mainly because the expansion set had yet to arrive in Australia. Also the plan was to do an AWI game focused on Monmouth Courthouse using Regimental Fire and Fury. Well that didn't happen either mainly because I wasn't sure that I was able to commit to the day, thanks builders.

Did jump on to a game of Allenby a local version of The Men Who Would Be Kings rules focused on battles in the Middle East during the First World War. Like its parent ruleset Allenby plays well and can be used for multiple players with ease. At one point I think we had 4 - 5 players per side.

We weren't the only game with a variety of  historical games including Lone Pine (see photo) and ACW game, 54mm Second World War just to mentio a couple.

Below are some other examples of the days Allenby action.


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