Impetus Armies

This page is dedicated to the armies I have for the Impetus ruleset.

Late Imperial Roman (West)

This is my new addition to the Impetus family,  Late Imperial Roman (West). This army arrived found a new home as part of an exchange and painting commission. The exchange was the Late Crusader Army (below).

This army I acquired painted and bases but the basing needed dressing up and I am still not completely finished. The miniatures are from the Wargames Foundry Late Roman range( unless otherwise stated). The most of the shields are also hand painted. They look good and fill the need for an ancient period army. Here is a sample so far. The only ones with shield decals are second from the top (white shields, red decal), third from the bottom (blue shields, red eagle) and the unit in the last image (red shields).Rarely do I by painted figures, but I have this time.Those marked with an asterix have been painted by me, not many asterix.

It is based on the army in Italy and I am still trying to sort out which unit is which based on the shield designs. The ones I know are captioned

Batavi Seniores 
Cornuti Seniores  

Iovii Seniores 
Schola Armaturarum Seniorum 
Schola Gentilium Seniorum
Celtae Seniores

OK I fave now added four elements of Frankish warriors and an element of Frankish noble cavalry. Also I have completed a unit of Cataphractarii along with an extra three bases of Roman Light Infantry. The lights will probably be Late Roman (East) army

Cataphractarii (Warlord Games)*

Frankish Warriors (mostly Foundry)*

Roman Light Infantry (Black Tree Design)*

Frankish Nobles (Foundry and Crusader)*

Huns (Possibly Old Glory) 

So here is the whole army, well enough for two 350 point Impetus armies.
The whole lot.

Late Crusaders

The next set of images are from my Late Crusader army which has recently found itself a new home. This is a mix of Crusading knights and Military Order knights. Each has their own supporting foot and in the case of the Hospitalers a unit of Turcopoles as well.

In two separate commands I have enough for a 400 point army. Since most competitions are 350 I really only need to take out a unit of Hospitaler knights to bring it down.

The mounted figures are from the dynamic Fireforge range as are the sergeants in the bottom photo. The rest are metal either Wargames Foundry or Gripping Beast. I acquired these is a bulk deal and I done again would all be Fireforge figures except for the crossbow and Syrian archers.

Anglo Normans

My other army for Impetus developed out of my Saga/Lion Rampant skirmish force. It is a mix of Conquest Games plastics and Crusader Miniatures metals. I prefer the metals always have as they are more robust, easier to paint and are more stable on the table.

This army is also more multi purpose. It can be used as Normans, Anglo-Normans or even for First Crusade. For Anglo-Norman there is a mix of impetuous knights, long spear armed large units of infantry, light infantry, archers and light cavalry.

One crucial thing that has allowed me to complete this are the laser cut sabot bases from Dean at Olympian Games here in Canberra. Using these bases means I can can use the same figures for Impetus, Saga and Lion Rampant.


Bluewillow said…
nice one frosty!

Bluewillow said…
nice one frosty!

Frostydog said…
Thanks Matt
Really getting to like Impetus as a system for ancients.


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