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Just a wee personal profile.

Based in Australia and developed my passion for history in my early years of Primary School and hated it when they changed it to Social Studies in the 1970s. Studies History at university with a focus on modern Australia, Colonial America, the European Colonisation of Asia as well as a bit of Ancient (Greece, Persia & Rome) and Medieval European history. Top that off with a bit of Law and Geoscience followed by a Grad Dip in Education and I end up teaching History, Legal Studies and Geography.

As a gamer I fell in love with Napoleonics in the 1980 and my first army 1815 Anglo-Brunswick all in Minifigs and based for WRG 1685-1845 rules. I still have that army. Now I have:

War of 1812 British and US forces.
Early SWW 28mm French and German forces
Late SWW 20mm British and German.
ECW 28mm Scots Royalist and Government
ACW 15mm Union and Confederates
AWI 28mm British, French and American
28mm Anglo-Normans
28mm Late Imperial Roman (West)
28mm Palmyran
28mm Peninsular War Anglo-Spanish
28mm FIW British and French
28mm Pirates

I try to collect both sides except for Napoleonics, I just can't bring myself to painting French, which is odd because I have them for other periods. My Paymyrans and late Romans are based for Impetus rules so I can use them against each other. The Anglo- Normans are mounted individually but I use them in Sabot bases. This means I can use them for Impetus as well as Lion Rampant or Saga.

Other bits, I served in the Australian army between 1984 and 1988, a time when the most exotic place we were deployed was Singleton. However, I did have the pleasure of occasionally blowing things up and building the odd bridge. Was pushed out of a perfectly safe aeroplane once (with a parachute thankfully).


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