The Palmyrene Empire (270–273), was centred on the city of Palmyra. It broke away from the Roman Empire during the third century AD. At it height the Palmyrene Empire included the Roman provinces of Syria Palestine, Egypt and large parts of Asia Minor.

Zenobia ruled the Palmyrene Empire as regent for her son Vaballathus. He had become King of Palmyra in 267. In 270 Zenobia managed to conquer most of the Roman east in a relatively short period, and tried to maintain ongoing relations with the Roman Empire. Initially Rome was quite accepting as Palmyra formed a buffer with the Sassanid Persians.  However, in 271 Zenobia claimed the imperial title for herself and for her son. This brought Palmyra in direct conflict with Rome and after a short war with the Roman emperor Aurelian, Palmyra came back under Roman rule.  Zenobia was arrested and taken to Rome. Most ancient historians and modern scholars agree that Zenobia was displayed in the triumph in 274, Malalas mentioned she was beheaded, others mention that her life was spared and that she married a Roman senator.

Anyway the postman delivered a weighty package of 28mm A & A Miniatures for me to paint. Should have some dome and posted soon. I have found the A & A do have some good monthly specials for example November was 4 cavalry figures in each pack instead of 3 figures.

After some painting here are some based for Impetus.
Queen Zenobia and camel mounted escort.

Palmyran Cataphracts

Palmyran cavalry command

Palmyran mounted archers

Palmyran heavy foot

Palmyran archers
Finally got them on the table for their first run.

Started off well but these horse archers soon disappear.

Cataphracts ready for action

Zenobia ready for action.


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