Little Wars - Blood and Plunder

Its been a few months since posting and I have been meaning to post on Little Wars and our Blood and Plunder game.

Little Wars is a display and participation event held by The Canberra, Regional Wargames Group at the Vikings Club at Lanyon usually the 2nd Sunday in November. The 2017 event included Gettysburg using 52mm sized figures, 28mm games of Sharp Practice, Lion Rampant and Bolt Action as well as our Blood and Plunder game.

ACW using 52mm sized figures

Sharp Practice La Haye Sainte

Bolt Action

Blood and Plunder before the action
We played 2 Blood and Plunder games on the day featuring 8 ships in 2 naval games. A total of 10 players took part with some new players getting involved. Each player was given 200 points to play with and a variety of forces that included Spanish, French, English and Unaligned. Both games ended up being Spanish against the rest.

The first game expected to involve some form of landing to capture an English settlement. I think all players got a bit over enthusiastic about the naval aspects of the game and ignored the land aspects of the game. For our second game the land component disappeared and we went for it ship to ship. Great fun had by all.

With the help of some draft multiplayer rules from Firelock Games the game flowed really well but I wouldn't push the game any further. We had 1600 points worth on the table with four player per side, any more could get confusing unless a non-playing "admiral" was appointed for each side to keep things under control.

Overview of the first game as the fleets close in on each other.

English commanders ship, later blown up by a lucky shot.

This and the images below are from the second game.


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