Last Wednesday night at our club meet we broke out ECW Scots for a game of Baroque. We had played a couple of times before but still made a couple of mistakes.

Played on a 6 x 4 table using 700 ish points per side, we had a few to many troops and manoeuvre wasn't really an option. Still both side put up a stiff fight the Royalist loosing their centre will the government broke on their right and couldn't push past a plucky bunch of elite Pike and Musket on the Royalist right.

There are a couple of issues with the army lists for the Scots (both sides) and artillery is a bit under powered. Anyway fun game good laugh. Photos are a bit dodgy taken on my phone.

Of course after the game we had a look at the army lists which recommend 600 points per side not 700.

Great game, excellent set of rules.

Government oot

Royalist Cavalry

Royalist line

Irish in the centre


Looking toward the Government centre

For some reason there is not a lot left on the table


Phil said…
Nice looking game, beautiful and impressive armies!
Frostydog said…
Thanks Phil planning another game tomorrow night Scots v Ottomans. Not strictly historical but the Scots didn't care who the fought.

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