Warlord Games

Last week I received a set of Warlord Games Sarmatian Cataphracts with the aim neing tpo use them as Late Roman Cataphactarii.

In the pack are enough figures to build 8 Cataphracts and include long wire lances, command and separate swords and bow cases.

These are a multi-part figure and the horse also includes the lower torso and legs of the rider. The base of the torso needed a bit of work so that the upper half would fit correctly. I am still not sure about the fact that swords and bow cases are glued on, just means they are easily knocked off.


Phil said…
They look strong, heavy...and beautiful, excellent job!
Frostydog said…
Thanks Phil, They do come up nice.
I am just not convinced on the merits of multi-part metals.

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