Late Roman Frankish Allies

So after a month of being annoyed by Warlord Games with insensitive marketing of their Bolt Action army list for Australians in the South West Pacific, on Anzac Day as well as wishing people a "Happy" Anzac Day on a national day of commemoration, I am back.

I have been adding more to my Late Romans for Impetus in this case an allied force of Franks. These were a mixed batch of mainly Foundry and Crusader figures that were part of an exchange for some Footsore Miniatures Roman Cavalry that dwarfed my collection of Foundry figures.

Based for Impetus these guys give me 4 elements of FP Warriors and 1 element of CM noble cavalry. The four elements mean I can deploy two "large" units of Frankish foot that are hard to route and get large unit bonus in combat.


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