2015 - 2016

So 2015 has gone and what did I do?
Moved the blogs focus to more historical concepts rather than modelling and gaming
Played more Dark Age, Medieval period games than I expected Impetus and Lion Rampant rules for these
Dumped Bolt Action as my game of choice for SWW skirmish using Chain of Command instead
Continued my long relationship with WRG 1685-1845 rules and its updated AWRG version.
Started painting for other people in exchange for cash and figures. My wife is thankful that my hobby is now basically self funding.

To 2016, this is a bit trick, who knows what the future will hold.
Likely to pull back on painting my own stuff as I basically have all that I need. The only exception to this being to add bits here and there to fill some forces out a bit.
Possibly put a bit more effort into terrain and scenery.
Delve into the history books again rather than invest in rule books.
To fund this maybe paint for others as needed.
Post more on the blog at least once a month, how hard can that be?


Bluewillow said…
Nice mate, a good year, hopefully get down for a few meetings in canberra this year for a game or too.


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