SAGA Crescent and Cross

Ever since Saga arrived on the gaming scene I have successfully resisted getting into these rules. This is not because I don't like Dark Age or skirmish gaming, but more because I didn't want to get into another system that I was rarely going to play.  But I finally succumbed and dived in, mainly because I had left over Fireforge knights and infantry from my Impetus Late Crusader army.
Mounted warlord (Gripping Beast)

Warlord on foot with banner bearer (Fireforge)

Mounted late Crusader Hearthguard (Fireforge)

Impression so far is that it is easy to learn but it is a challenge to master with a number of variations that make each faction unique. Saga is best played as a skirmish game to take it beyond that would be a mistake and it would lose its character and flavour. Besides there are a number of large scale rules such as Impetus, Hail Caesar and FOG that cater for large battles.

I originally thought that the battle boards were a bit of a gimmick but they do force the player into planning what he is going to do while taking into consideration what your opponent might do. It forces the player to think rather than react which makes Saga a problem solving exercise which to me is what a wargame should be. The dice system doesn't make the turn overly random which is an issue with card or dice driven games.

Warlords mounted or on foot are very powerful as they should be against lesser lights such as hearthguard or warriors. In the couple of games I have played shooting has not been hugely effective with melee (along with movement) being the influence on the outcome.

My only issue is that the only advantage mounted troops gain is the additional speed. I would like to have seen extra dice in melee to take into consideration the extra weight of the mounted knight against infantry in a melee situation.

The rules are well presented in hard cover format while the battle boards are in a sturdy heavy card. It is a shame that the QRS is not in the same form, suggest that you get it laminated.
Hearthguard on foot (Conquest)


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