Perry Napoleonic British Hussars

I did these up for my son as part of his Peninsula War/ War of 1812 army for AWRG.

While Perry Miniatures are seen as the ultimate in wargaming figures these have left me a little bit cold for a couple of reasons

1. The pelisse is clearly designed to cover the lack of detail such as the non existent cartridge box. But since Hussars rarely wore the pelisse in action I wanted to leave it off. My argument is if the pelisse is an option then make sure the detail that it covers is clear.
No cartridge box but at least the carbines are in the correct place.
2. The carbine is in the wrong place. The instructions call for the carbine to be strapped to the shabraque which makes it useless in combat. The carbine should be suspended from the carbine swivel on the carbine belt which ones over the left shoulder of the trooper. This means he can use his carbine let it go and grab his sabre without losing the carbine.

A couple of oddities are that Perry's include 15 figures in the box. Most rule sets suggest that 12 is sufficient. Also when most rules such as Black Powder call for a 50mm frontage Perry bases are 60mm wide.

Ending on a good point is the painting guide should be a standard for all plastic boxed sets.

Nine done which is really all I needed.


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