Napoleonic Brunswickers and Lazy Gamers

Ok I have looked at both Albion Triumphant 1 and 2 then put them back on the shelf and kept my money in my wallet. Yes they are colourful and pretty with background material but other than that just promote 'lazy gamer syndrome'. What is lazy gamer syndrome? It is where gamers are now too lazy to go out and do there own research and rely on profit oriented publishers to do it for them.

As a gamer and collector for over 30 years I come from the school where you bought the rules and if you were lucky they might have had a sample army list in the back. More often than not you researched the period and army you we're building, developed your own lists and actually learnt something about your army and the period. This happened using books, magazines or information from friends at your gaming club.

Leading to the Brunswickers as presented by Warlord Games.

Anglicised names of units what's wrong with the historical terms?
Creating units that didn't exist, there was only one Avante Garde unit at Waterloo not two and the Ulhans were a squadron of the Hussar Regiment rather than a regiment in there own right.

The Brunswickers are one of the easier allied contingents to build for gaming

1x Lieb Battalion
1 x Avante Garde battalion
3 x Light Battalions
3 x Line Battalions
1 x Regiment of Hussars including a Squadron of Uhlans
1 x Horse battery of 8 guns
1 x Foot battery of 8 guns

The Avante Garde were 1/2 equipped with rifles wile the other 1/2 were equipped with muskets. Its not hard to get right but rules like Lassale and Black Powder struggle with it. WRG 1685-1845 maybe 35 years old but handle Brunswickers with no issue.

I found a very useful article in Kreigspeiller magazine from the 1980s that discusses the role and structure of the Brunswickers. Details uniforms, recruitment, structure and deployment back to 1809.

Basically instead of relying on your friendly profit motivated publisher get out and do your own research I mean you do have access to internet .Besides it gives your arguments on historical issues and army depth rather than just saying the army list says so.


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