Anglo-Brunswick 1815

Some time back I started looking at photographing my collection of figures. This army was the first I put together back in the early 1980's.
The collection are mostly Minifigs with some Hinchcliffe figures thrown in.

The army is based on the Brunswick corp which served with Wellingtons Allied army against Napoleon in 1815. There are also some British elements to bulk it out.

Based for WRG 1685-1845 rules there are
15 infantry battalions
7 cavalry regiments
7 guns
3 rockets
3 limbers

Total figures
202 infantry
63 cavalry
13 command
31 gunners
12 limber horses
12 limber riders
2 mounted rocketeers.

At the time the photos were taken I wasin the process of rebasing. The old cardboard bases were starting to disintegrate and have been replaced by 3mm laser cut mdf bases from Olympian Games in Canberra.


Michael Mills said…
Now that's what I call nostaglia!
Frostydog said…
Thanks Michael. Yes a bit nostalgic but an army and rule set I still use on a regular basis.

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