Ok I am having a bit of a rant here but there are some things which are starting to drive me up the wall in the gaming world.

1. If you don't get on with someone, don't play with them and please whinge to someone else instead of loudly expressing your opinions at club meetings.

2. Sort of follows on but if  you don't like a set of rules then don't play them. I am also sick of listening to critisism of players who do play rules you don't like.

3. Instead of asking a question on a forum they are a dying breed anyway, Google it. Chances are you will get a faster response and maybe more accurate than waiting for a forum response.

4. Warlord Games are not the only company that sell  historical miniatures see Google you will be surprised.

5. If you are going to set up a forum or be a moderator on a page, answer peopeople's inquiries. WargamerAU 2 emails, 1 moderator inquiry no reponse. Poor very poor.

6. Australians did not wear slouch hats in the frontline during World War 2. They are not that stupid despite what most figure manufacturers would have us believe.



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