Auldearn seems to be popular at the moment

It may not be as glossy as other attempts at re fighting this action but I am having a shot.

Basically I have based the table on Stuart Reid's map in his work Crown, Covenant and Cromwell.  However, I have had to cram things up a bit to fit the whole on a 6' x 4' table. Even looking into the terrain there seems to be differences between sources. Featherstone has the boggy ground only on the left side of the road while Reid shows the boggy ground extending between Garlick hill and Auldearn village. Also I haven't bothered with a castle on Castle Hill,  most likely the villagers would have pilfered the stone for their buildings or enclosures.

As for the forces I have taken them from his Reid's Osprey on Auldearn which has no Highlanders in Montrose's army. So basically he has a pike and shotte army similar to the government forces. Actually there may be more Highlanders fighting for the Government than for Montrose.

Montrose's Army
This shows the deployment of Gordon and MacColla on the morning of the battle arrayed on Garlick Hill. The other units are just there to give an indication of the size of Montrose's army.

 Next for the Government forces.
Government Forces
With some interlopers


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