Bolt Action Vehicles

So far I have built a Cromwell, Churchill and 6 Universal Carriers  (past post) to support my Late war British force. Each vehicle has come well packed and contains metal and resin parts. In general resin body, turret and tracks while metal gun barrels, hatches, Bren  guns etc.

They are easy to clean up and put together with parts fitting well. None of the vehicles I have done have had an issue with assembly or painting. Even though they are mostly resin I still give them a spray of grey metal primer before painting. This primes the metal parts but also gives a consistent base for the following coats. Of course a final spray of Dullcote to protect the paintwork and markings.

With the tanks I have tried to find markings of original vehicles rather than just make up numbers and names. One day I might get around to trying to find out the fate of these vehicles.

The latest addition is a Churchill VII again like the others went together well and easy to paint. The comparison with a 1:76 scale Churchill shows the size of the beast.


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