Government finally turns the tables

Finally got the chance to replay my last game but this time using Pike and Shotte from Warlord Games. Played on a 6x4 table some would suggest that it would be too narrow for these rules.  It wasn't too much of a problem with the reduced movement distance.

In comparison with WECW artillery certainly is less effective and less random, which probably reflects the artillery of the period better.

 However, hand to hand can be quite dramatic and seeing a large gap where a regiment of foot  used to be can be a bit disconcerting.

No you see them

I like the blunder rule which at one stage forced to the Gordon Horse to move to right and almost of the edge of the table. These elements although rare can be game changing. This is a good thing as it reflects real battlefield blunders.

Montrose leading more Highlanders into the fray
Anyway this time the Government turned the tables on the Royalists of Montrose which makes it one a piece. Next game I might try using either 1644 or FOG Renaissance.

Levens Life Guard of Foot driving back the Royalists


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