First post of 2013 a bit late but hey I am on holidays and need to relax. So far installed roller blinds and curtains done the trips to Sydney been to watch a day of test cricket and done some painting and a bit of gaming.

The sudden realisation that you dont have enought points for your comp army brings on a bit of a panic. As a result I have painted 16 French Marines, 16 Eureka American Light Dragoons and 6 Perry riflemen that got my French American AWI army upto the 1500 AWRG points I needed. In addition I have painted up some ECW Scots Royalists as well as rebasing some second hand figures that I had acquirred late 2012.

Game wise some AWRG practice games in preparation for Cancon 13 as well as a Franco Prussian War game at CRWG (photos).

Table is set
French are deployed
Prussians ready to advance


Phil said…
Very nice pictures and minis, the village is great!

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