Disaster for the Govenment

With school going back next week and a frantic weekend of AWRG comp gaming at Cancon 2013 to come in between it was time to have some relaxed pike and shot action with a small game between Scots Govermnent and Montrose Royalists.

All looked promising for he Government forces good guns, solid pike and shot with a numerical advantage in cavalry, victory seemed certain. Montrose had at his disposal the usual suspects, highlanders, Irish, Gordon horse and a gun. But the Royal Standard  waved proudly by his side and victory seemed assured.

Royalist Line

Government Forces
The highlanders and Irish charged across the field taking brutal casualties from the Government artillery but the kept on coming charging in to a hapless unit of shot who must have fired too high before fleeing ther neighbouring pike block seeing their plight also took to their heels. Government cavalry bravely charged Gordon who counter charged and put one unit to flight before routing another soon after.

On the other side of the field the other clan not to be outdone also  charged and their opponents took of (failing their fear test)leaving Leven with his Life Guard as the only intact Goverment unit on the table. A misfire caused one gun to explode and leaving the neighbouring gun crew rather nervous.

Montrose with Royal Standard

Highlanders slam into Government pike.

It was all good fun a relaxed way to spend the morning and probably an historical outcome. The Goverment forces outnumbered Montrose and was defeated. Scots Government in WECW are hampered by not having really effective cavalry and Highland charge along with fear factor caused by Highland troops can lead to mutiple units running very quickly.

MacColla's Life Guard

Gordon Horse looking for trouble

Scots Cavalry commander salutes Montrose as his troops flee.
The Government troops are mostly from Warlord Games and assembled and painted by self. Most of Montrose troops were purchased in a variety of painted and unpainted states from a variety of manufacturers, they are all metal. The only unit wholly painted by self was the Gordon Horse. It is weird buying painted figures then try to paint so they fit the style. Probably why I never really bought painted units in the past.


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