Pike and Shotte

Game of Pike and Shotte at Vikings Club. Not having played these rules before it was an interseting game Scots against Poles. Sure, not what one would call an historical confrontation but its what we had.

Its an enjoyable set of rules very different to WECW but very enjoyable. The game flows really well especially after a couple of turns are under the belt. We did find some issues one inparticular was the difference between the QRS and the rules in relation to artillery losing hand to hand combat.

Scots lancers and Cuirassiers in Hand to Hand combat.

Field of Battles - Scots on the right Poles on the left.

Scots advance into the villiage.

Leven's Life Guard

Anyway here are some pics of the game. Scots lost.


Phil R said…
Those scott units are really wonderful, great minis and pictures!
Frostydog said…
Thanks Phil, appart from the highlanders they are quiet easy to do.

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