Sunday at CRWG

Appologies for the poor quality for the photos, ipod with no flash. Just a few of our Poles v Swedes game of WECW.

The table Swedes on the right, Poles to come in from the left.
I cant recall the name of the battle somewhere in Europe around 1628. Poles advancing though the levee Swedes waiting for them. With this Scenario the Swedes only had enough for 4 rounds of shooting. Mortar failed to live up to expectations second attempt led to a crewman being killed by a premature discharge.
Swedes with lots of Scots support


Scots mercenaries
Polish Winged Hussars crunching into the Swedes, they hung on bravely for quiet a while. 
These Swedes hung on for quite a while despite loosing 3 turns of Hand to Hand combat they stayed put.
Polish cavalry advancing.

As for WECW some people hate them others love them. Me I am sitting on the fence with over 2500 points per side this is probably as big as the rules could handle. Larger battles would move faster with Warlord Games "Pike and Shotte" rules. May end up doing the same battle again with "Pike and Shotte" latter.


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