Dystopian Wars

Never thought I would get into something like this but here I am strictly historical me getting into Victorian Steampunk Scifi. Of course all this is the fault of a work colleague who I discovered was a gamer.

Walking into Good Game at Conder I found the rules and boxed sets. The rules look nice with lots of fluff and nonsense to help set the scene. But they are a bit of a challenge to get through and I would recommend looking at Youtube for Triple Helix Games and Beasts of War walk-throughs to get an idea of how it works.The miniatures are really nicely detailed and well presented. I walked out with a boxed set for the Covenant of Antarctica and here is what they look like.

Front of Box


Back of box          

Battleship (evidently the superstructure is not mean't to be glued.

Being a new faction you also get a 40 page booklet that goes through the background to the Covenant and rules for the units. The tokens and turning templates do need to be cut out but that is not really a problem. The model parts are well packaged in bubble wrap but it would have been nice to have a separate instruction sheet on how they go together or in one case shouldn't go together.


Flyer token evidently they can be quite nasty.



Bomber on stand
So now to come up with a paint scheme maybe two tone grey with metallic to pick out the "steam" or "techno" bits. Time will tell.

So far I like what I see sure they need to polish up on their rule writing style and include instruction sheets but it comes across as a fun all arms game.


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