Cromwell and a pair of Carriers.

As my last post stated I have recently invested in Bolt Action for World War 2. This has also been another quick paint project as you only need about 30 figures per side in addition to heavy weapons and vehicle to make this work. Last time I posted some images of the figures this time I have vehicles in particular a pair of Universal Carriers and a Cromwell tank.

I did want to have authentic vehicle markings and WD numbers which proved to be fine for the Cromwell but not for the carriers.  The Cromwell is from No. 2 Troop, B squadron, 1st Battalion of the Royal Tank Regiment. While the carrier markings fit the theme of being from the 1st Battalion of the Dorsets, there WD numbers are from carriers just not from this unit.

All the models are from Warlord Games. They are mostly resin castings which are crisp with no flash to clean, other parts such as hatches, main gun and machine guns are metal. The hatches did take some filing to get them to fit but it was not to arduous. The carriers were the same, resin body and tracks metal weapons etc. My only criticism it would have been nice to have a commander figure for the tank and a couple of crew (apart from the driver) for the carriers.

Here they are.

Just to give a size comparison with the 1/76 scale Cromwell from Frontline.


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