Bolt Action Miniatures

Recently invested in Bolt Action rules and some of their miniatures to go with it. I chose to go with British 1944 in North West Eurpoe. The force I have is based on a platoon from "A" Company, 1st Dorsets, Gold Beach on D-Day. The reason I chose this unit is I saw a Time Team episode based on The Dorsets on D-Day and the veteran they had assisting was from "A" Company.
PIAT gunner and spotter

Bren Gunner looks a bit like Gimlet.

Command pack, these are metals not sure what sort of radio the signaller is using.

Was not sure what to expect when I opened the box but I was greeted with 5 sprues for figures and 3 sprues of weapons plus a decal sheet (50th Division). My issues not enough figures to make a full platoon extra spue needed, probably too many shooting poses, too many rifles with bayonets, not sure how the thin weapons will handle the rigours of the game table and some of the face sculpts are a bit odd.  The figures are generally well done nicely detailed and the different arms provide for a variety of options. The details such as straps and pouches are clearly moulded and there is a minimum of "flash" to clean up. They are relatively easy to assemble as long as you look at the guide and don't just chop everything off the sprue. The key is to assemble figure by figure rather than en masse. Figures are easy to paint but the decals are a bit fiddly to apply ( images are pre-decals).

The metals in the command, 3" mortar and HMG packs are also well done, the bonus is that you can use spare heads from the boxed set so if you want you can give the commander a helmet rather than athe cap which makes him a bit obvious for a sniper.
Vickers HMG

Also just finished putting together a couple of Universal Carriers and a Cromwell. More about those later but just saying they are really well protected in foam packaging and crisp clean castings.


Rodger said…
Very nice figures and a wonderful paint job too.
Conrad Hawkwood said…
nice one frosty mate

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