6 pdr Anti tank Gun

OK I bought this piece from Hall of Heroes to provide some anti tank support for my Bolt Action platoon. I am starting to get a tad annoyed with manufacturers who think you can just throw the pieces into a blister pack and expect the gamer to work out how it should go together. I'm not saying its difficult, not with this one anyway, but it would be nice just to have a basic diagram of what goes where and which way up.

As the gun goes its not a bad piece but the figures well the helmets just doesn't  look right (rims maybe to narrow) and the 4th figure of a standing officer holding a pistol is really pointless a kneeling figure with a shell or pair of binoculars would have been a much nicer option.

As for Hall of Heroes, great place to go excellent service will be  regular stop on trips between Sydney and Canberra.

Here is 6 pdr, from RoE Miniatures in all its glory minus the 4th man.


Beccas said…
Wait until you have to put together the 2pdr.
Frostydog said…
Yes might pass on that one. Sometimes I think that because we put so many of these together as Airfix kits we can do it blindfold.
Bluewillow said…
nice one mate!

I have a bunch of 20mm scale 150mm german shq guns to put together when you have a chance LOL

very poor instructions and damn hard to put together, especially when I boxed them all together in one box.

Dave said…
nice paint job Frosty pity about the 4th man, are you going to take to him with scalpel and pliers for a bit of conversion work?

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