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I purchased these rules some time last year but have only just got around to playing. All the models are from  Langton Miniatures and held up well to the rigours of moving house. Argonaute the only model in my collection (not just ships) that suffered in the move. Must consider that model to be the one that caused me most grief in construction as well, hit the floor a few times and suffered an appropriate level of damage. Also unlucky in action suffering steering damage and sailing off the edge of the table.

Both sides had four ships divided into two squadrons, frigates in one "liners" in the other. The French out gunned the British in the Frigate squadron but it was the reverse with the battleships as the British were going in with Black Prince (98) and Tonnant (80) while the French were both 74s.

Apart from Tonnant all ships name come from Alexander Kents Bolitho series.

Rules are card driven simple and fun, the cards often throwing plans out the window. Some little tweaks like only testing for on board fires after a ship had been fired on or fired seem logical.

Triton (closest to island) runs aground and loses foremast . Reinforces need to get damage markers.
Tonnant and Black Prince sail into action.

Argonaute and Immortalitie sail past a "wrecked" Triton

Immortalitie and Tonnant exchange fire. 
Both fleets head for action.


Bluewillow said…
lovely mate,

I have a French fleet ready to sail, as soon as you are!

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