Black Powder

After receiving the Cardinals excellent 40x40 pre cut plywood bases I started to rebase my AWI armies from AWRG to Black Powder which I can also use for British Grenadier. French and Americans first. Still haven't done artillery yet, may cut some round bases for those and mount crew on washers. Anyway here is a sample American unit coated the bases and edges in a random brown colour I had at home Tamiya XF 72. White glue then dipped into Woodland Scenics Brown Ballast, dry brushed with GW Bleached Bone and finished with GW static grass.

This is a small unit in BP terms will probably make standard unit 4 elements.The flag well its probably not really historical grabbed it off Warflag to give a "finished" look. 

Did the commanders on round bases as well. These figures Old Glory of Rochambeau and can't remember are ones I did in the early 1990's. Photo is not that great either.  The longer grass from some stuff I picked up from LMRS and cant find the label for, will need to rely on memory to find it again.


Rodger said…
Looking good. I like the command stand.
Frostydog said…
Thanks for the comment Rodger. Command stand is perspex which I found at work. Will probably do the artillery stands the same way.
tagalong said…
MMMM their small units for blackpowder frosty! They are looking great by the way, but we game with what we have, which reminds me, do you attend the dubbo club at all!

regards james

P.S have you seen the pics of the AWI perrys boxset, dont know whe its released.
Frostydog said…
Hi James, This unit is not really complete I have another stand to go. Still my units for AWI generally are small 3 to 4 stands as historically the Americans had very small battalions anyway.

No havent been to the Dubbo Club for a few years, if its the one at the church you are talking about. Last time i was there they were all GW stuff.


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