Stuff for the Marulan Car Boot Sale Part 1

So far this is what I plan on bringing to sell. I have prices on some others to be determined.

Old Glory
AWI British Light Infantry (caps) 29 figs.
Mad Anthony Wayne Legion 14 figs.
AWI Highlanders (kilts) 25 figs.
AWI Highlanders (trousers) 19 figs plus 4 casualty figs.

Highland Officers 4 figs.
British Rocket troops 4 figs.
British Pioneers with officer 5 figs.
Mixed Minifigs and Hinchcliffe 21 figs.

Painted and Based
British Napoleonic OLD Minifigs.  12 figs
I have had these for years picked them up as a painted from Tin Soldier when it was in The Dymocks Building


Anglo-Norman, First Crusade, Saxons and Vikings.
Painted and based
115 foot elements
Includes spearmen, peasants, archers etc
38 mounted elements
Includes knights, cavalry, horse archers
4 Command elements.

Total 157 elements
Mounted elements and 4 fig infantry                   $10 per element
3 fig infantry                                                       $8 per element
2 fig infantry                                                       $6 per element

Includes Normans, Vikings, Cilician Armenians based for DBx, Warrior, Field of Glory.

Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow   Volumes 1 and 2, 1900 ed.
Wellington Years of the Sword, Elisabeth Longford.
Piece of Cake, Derek Robinson.
British Military its System and Organisation 1803 – 1815, Park and Nafziger.
Flying Colours, CS Forester.
Hornblower of the Hotspur, CS Forester.
Ship of the Line, CS Forester.
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, Gen Abner Doubleday.
They met at Gettysburg, EJ Stackpole.
History of Warfare, BL Montgomery.
Who’s Who in Military History, Keegan and Wheatcroft.
The Isles, Norman Davies.
A Very Long War, Margaret Reeson.
Alexander the Great, Robin Lane Fox.
AD&D Players Handbook 1978 ed.
AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide 1986 ed.
Dickson Manuscripts (1812), Alexander Dickson.
Real History of the American Revolution, Alan Axelrod.


Bluewillow said…
well you are sorted, I have a bunch of stuff to get ready yet including the tanks your son wants!

Frostydog said…
Yes but I keep finding more not sure if thats a good thing:/

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