Windmill and Diesel Crane

I have been thinking the past month or so about focusing on terrain rather than figures or vehicles. A trip to Hobbyco not only ended with the purchase of a pair of Airfix Vickers Mk VI light tanks but also a Dapol Windmill, 15 ton Diesel Crane and a piece of HO railway track. The windmill is done, the crane is nearly done and I still have a Vickers to go.

15 Ton Diesel Crane WIP.

Where does it go?

Just looks wrong for Jonathan Creek.

Windmill done and based.

Dapol/Airfix have been around for years and I remember a s a kid building some of their track side kits when I had a train set. So building their stuff again is quite nostalgic. The instruction sound like they could have been written by the same guys that wrote WRG war game rules.  Still working on the train but the windmill is done. I would have preferred to do it in white but I have always struggled with painting white, never seem to get even coverage. This goes back to high school days when I built a Wellington bomber and tried to do it in a Coastal Command  colour scheme, it was a disaster. The scale of the windmill is a bit small for 25/28mm as one would expect from a HO scale kit.

As for the crane I really wanted the one from the Safi Scenario in the original Rapid Fire rule set but bought this one by mistake. Anyway I did see this one used as a terrain piece in a dockside scenario on the net. Of course I can't find where I found it now should have bookmarked it.


I have that windmill bookmarked on eBay for a possible buy based purely on your pictures... do you think it would work for 15mm???
Frostydog said…
Hi Steve.

It is too big for 15mm I will post a picture with a 15mm fig in front of the windmill to give you an idea.

Thanks Mark - appreciated... knew it would be big, but I can live with a certain amount of big - a picture would be a great help..
Conrad Hawkwood said…
Wonderful wonderful mate I have two in a box and both of the cranes and a Biggin Hill loco..thinking of doing the loco after the Typhoons had got to it..
Frostydog said…
I have been thinking about a dockside terrain "piece" including cranes, warehouses, railways etc. Do you have the dockside crane and did you want to part with it?

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