Vickers Mk VIc Light Tank

Lovely little kit from Airfix, even though I bought 2 neither has the spotlight that is prominent in most photographs. The other point is that the engine cover(?) on the left side appears to be curved on the real thing rather than flat on the model. Also it is curious that while the box are shows a desert colour scheme the instructions and decals are for BEF vehicles in Europe. I painted this "C" version as a vehicle from 13/18 Hussars attached to the 1st Armoured Division. This unit had 28 Mk VI light tanks.

Front view showing 1st Armoured Div Marking, white triangle on black square, No 2 to indicate 13/18 Royal Hussars.


Mk VIb showing curved engine cover and spotlight.
As this and the next vehicle will be gaming pieces I left off the antenna so it wouldn't  break off later.


Conrad Hawkwood said…
try a diswasher thingy for aerials they bend...
Frostydog said…
Didn't have a dishwasher thingy so used a bristle from the dust brush and it was already the right colour.

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