Stage 2 Done

Ok so I have finished stage 2 and here are both together.

Both parts together




Anonymous said…
Wow frosty, looking good! So next will be tavern,church the Guv's

I remember the Gary Chalk articles from WI, these remind me of these.

Wedding cake tier supports make great pillars for manors and court houses!

Also try the $2 shops for the easter Island heads or the big pet stores for cheap ship wrecks and island vegetation.

regards james

p.s If you look at TMP Australian message boards, Dagorlad had some articles and links to his Pirate Island game he ran at Bugle Call.
Frostydog said…
Hi James next one will probably be a churh or perhaps a fortified governors residence. May have to wait for next school holidays for that one.

Bluewillow said…
Lovely mate!!!

Frostydog said…
Thanks Blue
Will have to start stage 3 soon but most of my stuff is pack ready for a move.

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