Some time ago.

Anglo-Brunswick Deployment
Some time ago we had a go of Lasalle rules. Given that our armies are all based for WRG it took a little bit of creativity to get things going. For example we adopted a base width for movement and shooting of 40mm even though the bases are only 20mm. It meant that movement was quicker and shooting was at an appropriate range.
Austrian Deployment - new rules so minimal terrain.

Hordes of Austrian Infantry

Austrian CinC with assistance.

As far as the rules go I liked them and would like to use them more often but am reluctant to re-base so will play with our own dare I say the word  "amendments". Anyway the game pitted my old Minifigs Anglo-Brunswick army against the Heirs Elite Miniatures Austrians. He had great help from some bloke in a Police Box as the Austrian Cavalry put the Life Guards and 1st Dragoon Guards to flight. On the other flank the Brunswickers fought on bravely holding up the Austrian advance.........for a while before the weight of the Elite Austrians told and they began to fall back. Last time I let the Heir include a free Time Lord in his army list.


Galpy said…
looks like you had a great game lots of nice looking figures
Frostydog said…
Thanks Galpy its was good fun it was sort of old (me and Minfigs)verses new (son and Elite). May spend time on terrain while figures move to the background. But then who knows.

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