Stage 2

I started these after finding Gary Chalks article on Yahoo forums and thought I would give them ago. This is stage one three buildings. Stage two is a single larger structure seen in the background at times and stage three is the church. In the future structures such as a rail station (so it can be used for WW2 Mediterranean scenarios), fort and governors residence. At this stage they can be used for games in the Caribbean or pressed into service for Peninsular War games using 'Sharpe Practice' rules or when I get my hands on a copy 'Legends of the High Seas'.

The building have a shell of foam core covered with poly filler. Windows, trellises and doors are made of balsa while the "terracotta" tile roofs are corduroy cloth over a balsa base. Other elements include Woodland Scenics foliage clusters and Faller cobblestones.

Ground level view
Although they are designed for 25/28mm games they seem a little smallish. As for the colours its seems Adobe buildings come in a variety of colours not just the earth or white commonly seen.


Conrad Hawkwood said…
a litle small is ok
Frostydog said…
Agree often if they are to scale they over dominate the table and figures. Built up areas are usually out of sync with the ground scale of most rules anyway.
Bluewillow said…
looks good mate

Anonymous said…
Ah clssic buildings, did you go with the cork floor tiles or 5 mm foam card, the buildings are the right size mate, just the figures keep getting bigger, im thinking going back to

If your after church bell towers or town hall spirals try spot light or the $2 shops at dubbo, in the craft isle they have the polystrene xmas and general purpose shapes that are perfect for such buildins.

regards james
Frostydog said…
Thanks James. Yes need to check out the cheap shops for stuff. After all the paints were Go Lo specials. They are made out of 5mm foam card from Officeworks.

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