What scale?

The painted Souma is a Heller kit bought a couple of years ago the unpainted Souma is a Frontline resin kit we bought for the Heir a couple of weeks ago. Both kits claim 1:76 scale but the difference in size is quite dramatic to the extent they can't be used in the same unit.

The height is the most obvious difference. Also the row of bolts on the front of the hull is missing from the Frontline kit.

Another issue is the Frontline kit lacks some detail especially on the front of the hull. On of the main features of the Souma is the row of bolts where the upper and lower halves of the hull were joined together. While the Souma was arguably the best tank the French had, if hit on the join it would just split in half.

 This is the first dodgy Frontline vehicle I have had, I just hope the rest of their French vehicles are of higher quality. The Heir is planning on 1940 French for Rapid Fire!.


Fire at Will said…
The Frontline S35 is one of their poorer mouldings, the H36 and H39s are far better. The Heller kit is 1/72 and Frontline 1/76, which explains the difference in size. I've got the Alby/Heller upgrade to the S35 and it's great ut very expensive at full price.

Frostydog said…
I hope their others are better mouldings maybe they should look at redoing this model. 1:72 -1:76 the difference in width and length is understandable but the height difference is 38mm for the Heller and 29mm for the Souma. Poor effort from Frontline.
Bluewillow said…

I have a bunch of Heller S35s that are unpainted If you want them let me know


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