Somewhere in France .......Again

This time our battle is loosley based on Kampgruppe Oppeln's counter attack on 6 June 1944. Loosley in that there were changes to units and vehicles to fit what we had a avialable. We have enough infantry but need moe armour. So both sides had to suffer e.g. 2x Humber A/Cs being drafted in to cover for the lack of M5 Stuarts while a pair of Stug IIIs subbed for Pz IVs and we used a Brummbar because we lacked a Lorraine 150mm SP.

The aim of the Heirs Kamfgruppe was to get at least 2 tanks onto the wooded hill representing a corner of the Periers Ridge. Oh the other issue is we cut down the table size from 8x5 in the original scenario from the Rapid Fire D-Day Campaign Guide to 6x4 which is what we have in table space. We could have brought in the table tennis table (9x5) but given it will be set up for a while and there are otherss in the household it was more diplomatic to go 6x4. This meant that most of the Periers Ridge was "chopped" as was a bit off each end.
The table and troops

Pre-game photo shows the main features and the vehicles and figures used, not in their deployment zones.  More Souma S35s are on the way to support Pz Regt 22 but not likely to be assembled and painted to contribute to this battle anyway.


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