Designed to fight in streets the Brummbar was another example of the versatility of the Panzer IV chassis. The heavily armoured superstructure housed a 15cm howitzer. However the Brummbar could only carry 30 rounds of ammunition in its cramped interior not leaving much room for its five man crew.

This kit is Italeri 1:72 scale offering which was relatively easy to assemble except for the tracks. These are individual links and care is needed to place them.


Bluewillow said…
neat mate,

I have the hefty SHQ metal yet to paint!

are you going to book a place for "It Never Snows in September" Arnhem two day 20mm game in September.

Doug said…
I'm just building the Trumpeter version now. Quite a nice kit, simple and doesn't have schurzen, but it looks pretty good.

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