I am not sure I am convinced these are the way to go. First they are too fiddley to assesmble, do you really need separate backpacks? Second there are sections on the figures that lack definition. For example, I have been painting up some 28mm Peninsular Brits for the Heir as part of his British/Canadian Army for the War of 1812, the area around the haversack as well as the sides of heads and buckles on sword belts are poorly defined. I dont know if this is a plastic thing although Valiant WW2 figures seem to be OK and I have yet to try Perry or Warlord to see if it is an issue with there figures.

Dispite the issues they come up OK when finished. The units below are the Royal Nova Scotia Regt still waiting their colours and the Glengarry Light Infantry. Still being painted are a battalion of Upper Canada Militia, Canadian Chassuers, a regiment of regulars yet to be determined all Victrix) and some Old Glory American Indians. Stubborn as we are they are based for WRG but with more figures in pairs and singles so they can be used for Sharp Practice.


Bluewillow said…
I purchased a few boxes and honestly the time taken to assemble them you are better off buying metals, I have sold all the figures I bought for a bargain!

Frostydog said…
I found them too fiddly. The Heir assembled most of them he has more nimble fingers and they are his.Much prefer metals.


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