These are Old Glory Continental infantry and they are alot better than their AWI French that I painted in the 90's. For a start the metal is not as soft which means less broken bayonets and less chance of breaking at the ankles. On a pedantic note the sergeant should only have an epulette on the right shoulder rather than on both. They are based on 30mm x 20mm bases in pairs and 15mm x 20mm singles. This way I can use them for WRG and Sharp Practice and if I get enthusiastic (doubtful) and rebase the rest of my French - American and also my British in this way it would be easier to use them for British Grenadier or Blackpowder.

This is the third unit I have done since Christmas one for me two for the Heir (maybe I should charge him).


Conrad Hawkwood said…
you should charge him
Bluewillow said…
Nice Frosty,
Are the new second edition figs?

See you at Cancon mate

Frostydog said…
Hi Blue,

No these are the old OGs, I think they thave strenghtened the metal since the 90's.

Sadly I wont be at Cancon this year, family issues that mean I will be in Sydney instead. Hope to be at the next Bring and Buy starting to go though books and figures already.



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