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British and Allies

Here they are in all there glory. I started the French American army in the early 90s and the British (below)have been an ongoing project that has outstripped the allies well and truely. Both have been used in competitions (WRG/AWRG) with varing success lack of battle cavalry is often an issue especially against Napoleonic armies.

The British are a mix of Front Rank, Old Glory, Perry and Foundry. I recently discovered that some of my Front Rank British (labeled as such at a bring and buy and me being new to the period)were actually 1779 Continentals. They are currently being repainted and will be joining their proper comrades shortly. The naval guns and crews are from Eurekas pirate range. They play the role of naval gunners at Yorktown.

French and American
The French Americans are mostly Old Glory and Front Rank with some Minifig guns. I started these first  in the early 90s, but the British gradually took over so one of my goals for 2011 is to expand this army. I would like to add some more Continental and militia units.


Andy McMaster said…
They look nice but the image doesn't enlarge? Look forward to seeing some detail shots. What rules are you using? WRG? How do they work for AWI?
Frostydog said…
Hi Andy,

WRG work fine for AWI games most cavalry is irregular skirmish cavalry. They cant charge formed units frontally so infantry can keep their linear formations. Maybe I need do a post on this.

As for enlargements some seem to enlarge others dont very frustrating and I am not sure how to get them all to enlarge.



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