After having picked up a copy of Trafalgar at Moab Bring and Buy and having painted up some Langton ships it was time to play. I kept it simple 2 ships per side with a couple of islands to break up the blue.

An interesting exercise and very different to gaming on "land" with less units to control but issues of changing weather and wind to address.
The British were at a disadvantage with the French having the wind. Phalarope(32) took on Triton (44) while Tonnant (80) tooktoo much time coming up in support. Phalarope also took on Immortalitie (74) and lost its foremast in the process. Tonnant had a brief duel with Tritonsuffering some damage. No major issues in the rules relatively simple and easy to play but the weather is too variable.

Diner brought an early end, table required, will try same set up with Heart of Oak next time.


Anonymous said…
Wow have the ships and the WH rules yet havent played it yet, looks good.

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