Post Holidays

Germans still unfinished but did get the Sd 251 and the Priest finished. Read Clive Cusslers Spartan Gold as well. Very little do do with the Spartans (should have been called Persian Gold) and while I normally enjoy some escapism with Clive this one is not one of his best. Sure its a work of Fiction but you do expect historical background to be correct. Little things like having Xerxes return to Persia after the Battle of Plataea rather than before which would have been historically correct. I may just be picky or my expectations too high but it starts to bring up questions about the historical background to his other works.

The kits finished up better than I expected the Priest did not go together well and needed more filler than expected. However, once painted and the addition of a couple of Valiant figures as crew it looks OK. Will add photos of both shortly.


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