Rules, Rules, Rules

Soap box moment. Ok I enjoy playing WRG Horse and Musket but as others have suggested I am not living in the dark ages nor have I escaped from an instiution. I have played other rules such as Volley and Bayonet, Shako, Elan and British Grenadier but I always come back to WRG because I like them. As far as competition goes I can still turn up with an AWI army and play against Napoleonic, SYW, Malburnian or any other army within the period, I am not tied into playing a single period in which I may have little or no interest. Still I am not going to bag out those who do enjoy playing other rules but recent critisms about WRG are starting to get over the top occasionally personal and annoying. For the Anti WRG crowd no one is forcing you to play them.

Off Soap box

Good night and peace be with you all.


tagalong said…
Never played WRG horse and musket.
In previous years trying to get younger gamers into historical period gameing have gone the Warhammer Historical route, for nappys Ive use'd a Napoleonic version of LOTOW for skirmish and for large battles have use'd the WHF napoleonic, both of these were yahoo groups rules,but were easy for younger gamers to get to grips with as the core mechanics they basically already knew.

Lately the group I was gaming with in Adelaide have gone with Foundys Napoleonic set, have yet to get a copy personally, but already have a problem with the Army lists and some rule mechanics.

At the end of the day if you like the rules you are useing and you get a game in, then whats the harm.


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