AWI Germans and other things

Recently completed painting some AWI Germans from Anspach-Bayreuth contingent as well as the Regt von Bose of the Hessen-Kassel contingent. All fought and were captured at Yorktown in 1781.

These troops sent by Charles Frederck Margrave of Anspach-Bayreuth consisted of two battalions of infantry a company of Jaegers and a company of 4 guns. The two regiments von Voight (red facings) and von Seybothen (black facings) contained 4 companies of musketeers and a grenadier company each. Each company also had their own "colour" all of which have the same design. Some of these colours still survive in the Yorktown museum and at West Point.e

The regiments landed at Sandy Hook in 1777. They were invole in the seige of Sullivans forces at Newport and occupied Redoubt No 10 at Yorktown.

Regt von Bose landed in New York in 1776 as Regt von Trumbach. It fought at Guilford Courthouse, Green Spring and Yorktown.

Other bits finished off are an artillery redoubt I bought at Cancon 09 with Eureka pirates as naval gunners.

The British are part of 2nd brigade at Yorktown the 80th (yellow facings) and 76th (Green facings).


Bluewillow said…
Nice work mate, you heading down to Cancon?


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