I hadn't built an aircraft kit for a while and this Academy Typhoon kit was in the specials "bin" at my local hobby shop. It went together really well no flash nice and clean. The only negatives are decals were a bit shiny and it lacked a pilot figure. Then again having no figure is better than the crap offerings you often get in kits. Anyway I painted the canopy as it is a kit for gaming not for display.

The prop was cut from a OHP transparence sheet with the support rod is clear perspex from the local model railway shop.

Next project is an FW 190 the "heir" is doing the construction while I attack the paint job. Also on the table a SdKfz 7 with Quad 20mm AA from Hasegawa. A nice detailed kit as expected from this manufacturer bit with really crap crew figures again as expected from these guys. Why do they do this?


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