Paint Stripper and 40K

Some time ago I experimented with removing paint from metal figures using paint stripper. Well it was quite successful and with the arrival of these space marines in various stages of painting I needed to experiment further. So I took one painted space marine left him in paint striper for 20 minutes and viola a melting space marine. Not what I had hoped. What next soap and water, fail. Nail polish remover interesting thought grabbed a second dodgy space marine and mmmmm not melting was a good start. This stuff was the “acetone free” version of nail polish remover which may be a key. Still needs a bit of a gentle scrub with a soft bristle tooth brush to get it off but it wasn’t too bad. Sorry no pictures as they have been re-sprayed and are being repainted.


The ladies in my life use acetone free nail varnish remover - looking at the side of the bottle it recommends it for use on artificial/fake nails - given those are made of plastic, it looks like you're on the right path...
Frostydog said…
Hi Steve.

Does take a little bit of scrubbing but you need to be gentle.


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