40 K No I Havent Turned to the Dark Side

Haven’t really been committed to this project during 2009 and have been thinking of closing it down. Besides I haven’t really been keeping up with my painting and no games since January, very sad.

Well I delved into the dark side after my son was given some 40k space marines by a friend who was clearing stuff out of his house after moving. There were about 20 Space marines in various stages of painting, 5 space marine scouts (metal), a bike and an attack bike. This generous gift had been sitting in a box for way too long.

I had never been a Warhammer fan preferring to stay with my historical games but I don’t know working on these Space Marines may change things. I started looking into the different space marine chapters and a few like Blood Ravens and Black Templar caught my eye. So to did a White Dwarf article on creating your own chapter so began the development of the Blood Diamond chapter. I wanted an easy paint job nothing to exotic so here what I came up with black armour (easy out of a spray can) this was dry brushed fortress gray and then given a wash of dark green ink to take the edge off the black. The shoulder guards with a red diamond chapter symbol. Weapons generally bolt gun metal with a black ink wash before being dry brushed mithril silver. They look Ok not brilliant but Ok.

My next issue was do I want to outlay the money on the 40k rule set Answer not yet especially as I assume new edition codex will be coming out with the new rules. I acquired a copy of the rules on line to have a read through and evaluate. Its getting me hooked especially the “Kill team” idea which could easily hook into a World War II skirmish style game. Still reading will have to actually play a game to see if I want to continue. Will keep you posted.


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