After reading the Osprey publication on the Yorktown campaign I thought about painting up some sailors and naval guns, perhaps build a redoubt or some earthworks as well. Now came the search for naval gunners of the period and there is not much about.

Pirates have not been one of my major interests, but maybe they could be a source for naval gunners and guns. I decided on Eureka Miniatures for both the guns and the crew as they didn’t look overly pirate like and would pass as naval gunners. The guns looked quite nice as well so I put in the order. When I picked them up at Cancon I was impressed they had little flash fitted in reasonably well with my Old Glory figures (size wise) and were nicely moulded.

The guns and carriages were also very nice and fitted together well. I left of the eye bolts that came with them not being sure whether they would stand the rigours of the games table. Anyway here they are hope you like them.

As for the earthworks I bought a resin redoubt that I need to paint up. Need some ideas on painting gabions, not done them before.


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