Cancon 09

Cancon was delight as usual lots of players lots of traders crammed into EPIC for three days. I took my 1781 AWI British while the Heir to the Throne took an 1815 Anglo Brunswick army. The AWRG comp had 24 players divided into a two comps, a pairs event with scenario based tables and a singles comp (us) that was points based. We both walked off with prizes which made the weekend especially for the heir as his came with a $50 voucher. More importantly it was great to catch up with old friends again and chat about life the universe, figures, rules and everything in between. Also gave us ther chance to plot for next year perhaps the Heir and I entering the pairs event. The Heir with his 1809 Austrians (provided they are painted in time) me with 1781 AWI British. Sounds like a plan.

Any way here are some photos of this years Cancon.


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