Painting 2008

I had a look back at what I had painted in 2008 last night and the tally came to:-

AWI - 96 British Old Glory 28mm

WW2- 86 British (Valiant 20mm) and 57 Germans (Valiant 20mm)

Vehicles-German Italeri Panthers 2, Tigers 2, Panzer IV 1 and a Dragon Jagdpanther
British Airfix Churchill VII 1, Frontline Churchill IV 3, Bren Carrier 1, RTR Loyd Carrier 1 and 1 Humber LRC.

The total came to 239 figures and 13 vehicles. This may be a small amount by some standards but quite an effort from me. The War of Independence figures I had bought at Cancon 08 and was determined to have them done so I could use them at Cancon 09. Job done and they are ready to go.

The World War 2 figures were a distraction from the AWI figures being quicker to paint for a start. The Airfix Churchill was a misguided journey down memory lane and has my vote as one of the most frustrating kits of all time. The Panthers and Tigers despite being “quick build” versions are well detailed except for the tracks which are rather poor.

I like painting the Valiant figures they have nice detail and a variety of poses. As for the Old Glory figures, there is a lot variety in the quality of there figures. The cavalry figures rarely fit onto the horses without carving, cutting and filing. However, some of the British line infantry and grenadier figures are rather good. The metal used is still rather soft which leads to many broken bayonets even before the packet is opened. But I did buy them at a discount price so one should not complain too much.

The actual gaming side of things has been a bit quiet but with the school holidays starting we are back into it. Both the heir to the throne and I needed to get some practice in before Cancon 09. The battles look quite odd 1815 Anglo-Brunswick against 1783 AWI British. From my side of the table the lack of descent battle cavalry is an issue but there is a stack of good quality line infantry backed up by …..well can’t give too much away yet.
Some examples from this year


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