Battle of Trangie Courthouse

It has been a while since I updated the blog so here goes our latest AWI game myself vs. the heir.

It was a brief but bloody affair between a newly arrived British force against an inexperienced French – American commander. Both sides advanced towards each other the French 12 pdrs outranging the British gunners and causing heavy damage.

Lausan and his cavalry tried to force the issue early with a bold charge but they were put to flight and routed off the table by Tarleton and his British Legion. Tarleton rallied his men and looked to wreak havoc on a nearby unit of American militia. The were hacked down to a man.

The heir was almost reduced to tears but still had his solid corps of French infantry and sent them against the British left. The Guards with two battalions of light infantry and a pair of guns halted the French advance. On the right the 17th Light Dragoons supported by two battalions of the 71st held and pushed back American advances. Tarleton returned and with the 17th routed Moylan’s Dragoons and captured the French guns.

The heir had enough and retired to his quarters where the sounds of Nightwish and Trivium echoed late into the night. To be fair this was the first time he had taken control of an army with no regular cavalry and the well forested terrain also caused him some issues.

Again we used the AWRG rules with both armies about 1250 points in size.

French – American

1st Royal de Pont
2nd Royal de Pont
1st Gatinais
2nd Gatinais
2 x Militia
1 x Light Infantry
1 x Rifles
Moylans Dragoons
Lausans Legion
3 x Heavy Guns
3 x Light Guns

1st Guards
1st Grenadiers
2 x Light Infantry
1/71st Highlanders
2/71st Highlanders
23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers
33rd Foot
17th Light Dragoons
British Legion
5 x Light Guns
1 x Howitzer

We followed up this game with an equally brutal game of Warmaster. The tables were turned with the heir, in command of an Empire army taking on my High Elves. It was meant to last seven turns but was over in three.


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